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Hand Washing Sticker
Hand Washing Sticker
• 5-1/2" × 4-1/4"
• 1-part, self-adhesive
• 10 per pack
Our price: $4.75

Hangtag Hanger Adapter

These Hangtag Hanger Adapters adapt any hang tag to hang lower for better visibility! These adapters are perfect for larger rearview mirrors and they print in black on white card stock.

Our price: $6.10

Heavy Brite Service Dispatch Numbers

These Heavy Brite service dispatch numbers are the largest, thickest, brightest number on the market. They are printed in black ink on one side and available in bright yellow, blue, red, green, orange, and white stock. 

Our price: $81.90

Heavy Duty Auto Key Cabinet

This Heavy Duty Auto Key Cabinet is a one of kind, designed specfically for the car dealer in mind. The cabinet is 18 gaugue contruction with large key hooks and extra space make this cabinet ideal for large keys with remotes.  The cabinet holds 96 keys and can be enlargened to hold 192 keys.

Our price: $305.00

Heavy Duty Plastic Coated Floor Mat

This Heavy Duty Plastic Coated Disposable Paper Floor Mat has a unique ribbed design and is rigid to provide extra strength and durability.  This mat has great anti-slip properties and texture to help insure the car floor stays clean. Great for use by professional auto detailers.

Our price: $73.00

Heavy Duty Vehicle Deal Jackets

These Heavy Duty Vehicle Deal Jackets are very durable and can handle almost any amount of paperwork. Available in seven colors with your choice of printed or blank stock. 

Our price: $116.00

Heavy Stock Auto Service Dispatch Numbers

Looking for extra strong auto service dispatch numbers? If your situation requires extra durable job numbers or service claim check tags, then these 125# heavy paper stock dispatch numbers should do the trick.

Our price: $63.70

Hold-Sold Tags

Hold/Sold Tags: These economical and highly visible hold or sold tags are perfect to identify the status of vehicles on the car dealer's sales lot. These mini hold-sold tags are constructed of heavy yellow stock and printed in red ink.

Our price: $28.00

Honda Multi Point Vehicle Inspection Checklist

These 2-part carbonless Honda Multi Point Vehicle Inspection Checklist are available as the stock generic form shown above.

Our price: $40.00

Hyundai Multi-Point Inspection Form

This Hyundai Multi-Point Inspection Form is a 3-part carbonless - edge glued (White, Canary, Blue). Part 1 (full color), Parts 2 & 3 (black ink). 

Our price: $40.00

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