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Paper Floor Mats

These Paper Floor Mats are printed on premium heavy duty 50 pound paper. This is the tough, heavy duty paper mat used by most auto dealers, body shops and repair shops. It offers excellent protection for the plush interior of today's cars. These large 17" x 22" paper floor mats cover almost 400 square inches and come two designs - footprint and plain white.

Our price: $58.00

Parts Requisition Forms 1-Part

These Parts Requisition Forms are the least expensive parts requisition available. Each pad has 100 sheets for easy processing. 

Our price: $3.25

Parts Requisition Forms 2-Part

These Parts Requisition Forms provide control as parts are issued to other departments. 

Our price: $24.22

Parts Return Bags

These Parts Return Bags are manufactured to ensure high strength protection for your customer. They are available in three sizes to accommodate all but the very largest parts. Perfect for when returning worn, dirty and greasy parts to the customer after service has been completed. 

Our price: $33.25

Patriotic Hat Windshield Sticker

This Patriotic Hat Windshield Sticker is durable and weatherproof and perfect for seasonal holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Use these stickers on your dealership sales lot to show your patriotic spirit and create a holiday mood. They are fade resistant and easy to peel and stick, leaving no gummy residue. They measure 6 1/2" x 7 3/4" in size.


Our price: $6.00

Pay Off Verification

This Pay Off Verification ensures that you know the exact payoff amount. This form is a great way to document actual payoff amounts and who verified this information. 

Our price: $8.35

Payroll Change Notice Form

Use this Payroll Change Notice Form to communicate clearly with the payroll department concerning all payroll changes.This Payroll Change Notice Form works for all departments and for all types of changes. This form is printed on clean 2-part carbonless NCR paper so the originator may keep a copy of all payroll changes authorized.

Our price: $15.00

Permanent Markers

These Permanent Markers are fast drying and water resistant. They are xylene free, low odor, and ROHS compliant. 

Our price: $2.92

Petty Cash Envelope

This envelope contains a complete history of each petty cash transaction. This petty cash envelope is printed in brown ink on white 24 lb. policy envelope with end flap.

Our price: $10.42

Petty Cash Voucher

This petty cash voucher controls petty cash disbursements and expenses to the correct department in your auto dealership. They're pre-numbered with 100 sheets per pad, (no selection of starting number) and printed in blue ink on canary 20 lb. paper.

Our price: $29.58

Plastic Key Snaps

These Plastic Key Snaps are strong, will attach in a jiffy and are rust-proof. Quick and easy to use, these tough 5" long attachments work with key tags or key rings and are made of clear nylon with a snap-system designed to be self-locking.

Our price: $22.00

Plastic Seat Covers - Slip-N-Grip

Clear Plastic Seat Covers - Slip-N-Grip: Your customers deserve the best. Protect your customer's interior with genuine brand name Slip-N-Grip plastic seat covers.

Our price: $75.00

Poly Auto Key Tags

The Original Round-Corned Plastic Automotive Key Tag: This genuine Versa-Tag plastic Poly Auto Key Tag is made of strong 23 mm polyethylene with rounded corners. These key tags are easy to write on.

Our price: $24.00

Poly Vehicle Stock Stickers

These Poly Vehicle Stock Stickers are perfect for keeping your dealership's sales lot inventory organized. They are durable with a self adhesive tape strip across the center for easy attachment to the inside of vehicle windows.

Our price: $38.00

Poly-back Floor Mat -Vehicle Sanitized
This 17" x 22", poly-back floor mat provides you with the best of both worlds: high wet strength, great coverage and the opportunity to let your customer know that we're all in this together!
Our price: $73.00

Poly-Back Floor Mats

These Poly-Back Floor Mats are extremely high wet strength. Both designs are a big 17" x 22" mat for good coverage. These are the highest quality mats available. Show your customers that you are grateful and care about their business. These mats come in two designs - customer satisfaction and footprint.

Our price: $73.00

Pre-Service Check-In Sheet

This Pre-Service Check-In Sheet - sometimes called Pre-Service Repair Order or Auto Repair Check-In Sheet - is the perfect solution for long lines in the service lanes.

Our price: $10.50

Pressure Sensitive Buyers Guide - Implied Warranty
The Buyers Guide-Implied Warranty Form style used by auto dealers is an important form. This 1-part buyers guide form has permanent adhesive tape on all 4 sides to adhere to the inside of the vehicle window. They're printed in black ink with grey back printing and laser compatible. The form is available with lines or without lines. 
Our price: $25.00

Pressure Sensitive Buyers Guide - Spanish - No Lines

The Spanish Buyers Guide-Implied Warranty Form style used by auto dealers is an important form that we offer in Spanish. This 1-part buyers guide form has permanent adhesive tape on all 4 sides to adhere to the inside of the vehicle window. They're printed in black ink with grey back printing and laser compatible. The form is available without lines.

Our price: $25.03

Pressure Sensitive Buyers Guide Sticker - No Lines

This one part pressure sensitive FTC used car buyers guide sticker is self-adhesive on all 4 sides and laser compatible. Power windows will not tear form off window. It is easily printable on a laser printer or with a pen. The the back is pre-printed with the standard FTC buyers guide for customer signature.

Our price: $25.00

Printer Ribbons for Zebra Oil Change Sticker Printer

These ribbons are made to be used with Estampe's Oil Change Sticker Printing System. Our system uses the Zebra® TLP2824 printer which is an extremely popular industry standard thermal transfer printer. This means our ribbons can also be used with a wide variety of other machine printed oil change sticker systems. For example, they're 100 % compatible with the Reynolds and Reynolds® and Colonial® systems. They are also compatible with the Zebra 800132-102 thermal transfer ribbon. 

Our price: $13.00

Purchase Agreement

This Purchase Agreement is used to finalize a sale.  These contracts serve as a sales agreement between the buyer and seller.  Available crash imprinted in Red ink on quantities of 500 and up.  Numbering is always in Red ink.

Our price: $19.95

Purchase Order Books

These NCR (no carbon required) Purchase Order Books are coil-bound with 200 sets per book.  Available in stock or imprinted both in either 2-part or 3-part.

Our price: $16.85

Purchase Order Books 3-Part

These Purchase Order Books are the best system to control all purchases in the dealership. Control copy remains in book. Available crash imprinted in Red ink on quantities of 5 books and up. 

Our price: $15.90

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