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If your automotive service department is serious about customer satisfaction, you'll be sure to use auto paper floor mats during each and every repair. Using a paper floor mat will protect your customer's auto floor from dirt and especially grease stains that may come from your repair shop floor while your mechanic works to repair your customer's car. Paper floor mats are an affordable way to avoid very costly customer dissatisfaction when a vehicle is returned with floor stains after servicing. The use of paper floor mats lets your customers know that you run a quality repair shop.

Estampe Auto Dealer Supplies carries several kinds of heavy-duty auto paper floor mats, including custom paper floor mats. Paper floor mates for auto dealers come in poly-backed, latex-backed, plastic and in a new styles called waffle mats and photographic paper. If you wish to use custom auto floor mats, please call us at 1-866-348-6414 for a custom quote.



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Auto Service Lane Seat Cover Dispensing Stands

We sell three different high quality floor mat and seat cover service lane dispensers as either a cart or a stand. Every efficient auto or truck service department needs a way for their technicians and mechanics to easily find and dispense service lane protection products necessary to keep your CSI rating high and service department running smoothly.


Our price: $156.60

Automotive Full Adhesive Floor Mats

These Full Adhesive Floor Mats protect new or freshly cleaned automotive carpets. It's used widely by auto repair shops, detailers and dealerships. These floor mats are perfect for used car dealerships to demonstrate to your customer that you have deep-cleaned and detailed the car thoroughly. Plus, these won't slide around like paper floor mats. Each is printed with "Dealer must remove" and available in two thicknesses.  These mats have the highest available adhesion and are perforated for easy handling and application. 

Our price: $77.70

Automotive Waffle Paper Floor Mats

If you are serious about premium automotive customer service, you'll use these Waffle Design Paper Floor Mats. Made of heavy-duty, super absorbent paper and coated on the back, these paper floor mats are perfect for use when the weather is bad. The waffle design holds dirt and water. Plus, waffling helps to keep the mat in place and from sliding around on the floor of the car. These mats are like a disposable-paper version of the popular waterhog mat.

Our price: $49.00

Disposable Automotive Latex Floor Mats

These Disposable Automotive Latex Floor Mats are durable floor mats made of latex-impregnated 80# paper.  The best choice for standing up to wet conditions and winter weather.

Our price: $79.50

Economical Car Carpet Floor Mats

These Car Carpet Floor Mats are economically priced for use by dealerships to prep their used cars. They can be used as a cheap way to dress-up your used cars and make sure potential buyers get a great first impression.

Our price: $16.50

Heavy Duty Disposable Plastic Auto Floor Mats

This Heavy Duty Plastic Coated Disposable Paper Floor Mat has a unique ribbed design and is rigid to provide extra strength and durability.  This mat has great anti-slip properties and texture to help insure the car floor stays clean. Great for use by professional auto detailers.

Our price: $73.00

Paper Floor Mats

These Paper Floor Mats are printed on premium heavy duty 50 pound paper. This is the tough, heavy duty paper mat used by most auto dealers, body shops and repair shops. It offers excellent protection for the plush interior of today's cars. These large 17" x 22" paper floor mats cover almost 400 square inches and come two designs - footprint and plain white.

Our price: $58.00

Poly-Back Floor Mats

These Poly-Back Floor Mats are extremely high wet strength. Both designs are a big 17" x 22" mat for good coverage. These are the highest quality mats available. Show your customers that you are grateful and care about their business. These mats come in two designs - customer satisfaction and footprint.

Our price: $73.00

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