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General supplies for used car sales.



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S-A-L-E Kit

Our weather resistant 5 mm coroplast Under-The-Hood-Signs Red or Blue S-A-L-E Kit can be used to promote your dealership's sales lot even in areas with strict sign ordinances. These automotive sales signs are flexible and designed to be wedged under any hood.

Our price: $68.00

Used Car Record Police Book

Auto dealers around the country are required by law to keep a detailed record available for immediate police inspection of each vehicle bought or sold. These are commonly referred to as Police Books. Our Police Book is hard cover bound and allows you to keep a record of each vehicle handled by your used car dealership. 

Our price: $30.75

Certified Pre Owned Oval Decals

These waterproof  Windshield Signs for Certified Oval Decals are die-cut for easy use. Our easy-on, easy-off adhesive makes application and removal of car dealership signs a breeze!  They measure 5 1/2" x 14" and are sold by the dozen. 

Our price: $7.00

Die Cut Auto Slogans

Try these waterproof die-cut slogan stickers designed for car sales. These die-cut slogans provide an inexpensive way to give the cars on your sales lot that hand painted look.

Our price: $8.00

Digicals Stickers

This clever and uniquely designed windshield marketing stickers for automotive dealerships looks great and will save your dealership money.

Our price: $7.70

Auto Angles Year Windshield Sticker

Try something different and catch your customer's eye with these Auto Angles. There corner placement takes up less room. Available in Yellow/Red and Green/Black.

Our price: $7.00