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Daily Appointment Book - Coil-Bound

Use this Daily Appointment Book with your appointment system to balance the amount of daily work against your repair shop capacity to minimize carry overs, comebacks, and to spread out the work over the week and between auto technicians. Your auto dealership's service advisor or writer can use these Daily Appointment Books to keep track of appointment times, shop time and customer information.

Our price: $17.50

Daily Service Record Book - Coil-Bound

This is the Daily Service Record book your service advisor really needs! Compact, yet it has all the critical information required to coordinate all service work. Legally, repair shops may be required to produce notes on authorized additional repairs. Your dealership's service advisors or writers can now have all the information needed. Keep it in this compact book and file it away for further reference if necessary.

Our price: $16.00

Daily Service Route Sheets
These Daily Service Route Sheets are an ideal way to schedule and track for the service department. The sheets are 12" x 15", print in Blue ink and come with a spiral bound cover. These sheets are also heavy duty tag stock with two different sizes of posting holes.
Our price: $32.40

Daily Time and Job Tickets

Daily Time and Job Tickets - also commonly referred to as job time tickets, mechanics time sheets, flag sheets or stub sheets for auto dealers. No need to lick & stick, these time tickets are pressure sensitive to stick without moisture. Which means no more time tickets falling off hard copies and getting lost.

Our price: $78.75

Deal Jackets

Vehicle Deal Jackets - standard pre-printed style for vehicle deal paperwork at great pricing. Available in Buff, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, White, Lavender, Salmon, Fuchsia, Gray and Yellow colors.

Our price: $27.00

Deal Jackets - Blank

Deal Jackets - Blank for Auto Dealers: Durable heavy weight vehicle deal jackets that let you store all important deal papers securely in one convenient file. Use our blank envelopes and affix your own labels or hand write your own information. Available BLANK in Buff, Blue, Pink, Green, White, Lavender, Salmon, Fuchsia, Gray and Yellow colors. COMPARE OUR PRICE to Great American Automotive Products. They sell Blank Vehicle Deal Jackets for more … American's Price is 500 @ $175.00 (SKU # BFA1220).

Our price: $26.00

Deal Jackets - Color Coded Filing System

These high-quality Deal Jackets are compatible with the Reynolds and Reynolds Company filing systems and the Jeter filing systems. COMPARE OUR PRICE to Great American Automotive Products. THEY'RE MORE EXPENSIVE … American's Price is 500 @ $295.00 (item # SAF1221).

Our price: $48.00

Deal Recap Forms

If the Deal Recap Forms you currently use looks like this one, then it's compatible with your dealer management software systems. This is a 2-part carbonless form designed for computer or typewriter spacing. This deal recap form provides a complete breakdown of the entire deal. It includes a quick check list of items to be sure your documentation is complete; such as Truth in Lending, Appraisal, Odometer Statement, Insurance, etc. From selling price to gross profit all amounts are shown including: Trade Allowance, Payoff, Cash Deposit, Finance Reserve, Insurance, Service Contract, and all commissions paid on the deal.

Our price: $14.61

Dealer Key Management Carrying Case

The Key Caddy is designed specifically for auto sales lot attendants responsible for key management. Using this convenient car key carrying case will prevent your dealership from ever losing an expensive key fob again.

Our price: $45.00

Die Cut Auto Slogans

Try these waterproof die-cut slogan stickers designed for car sales. These die-cut slogans provide an inexpensive way to give the cars on your sales lot that hand painted look.

Our price: $8.00

Digicals Stickers

This clever and uniquely designed windshield marketing stickers for automotive dealerships looks great and will save your dealership money.

Our price: $7.70

Dispatch Numbers

These are the classic auto service dispatch numbers. This item goes by many names such as: hat numbers, spotter numbers, power numbers, auto service dispatch numbers, hat tags, job numbers, locators, tower numbers or service claim check tags.

Our price: $62.00

Disposable Automotive Latex Floor Mats

These Disposable Automotive Latex Floor Mats are durable floor mats made of latex-impregnated 80# paper.  The best choice for standing up to wet conditions and winter weather.

Our price: $79.50

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