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Red Alert Vehicle Damage Inspection Form
This Red Alert Vehicle Damage Inspection Form protects yourself and your customer. This form is 1-part, 20 lb white stock and prints in Red ink. This is a quick easy to use form that records all vehicle damage. Use this on every service write up.
Our price: $10.44

Rental Car / Loaner Car Agreement

This Rental Car or Loaner Car Agreement  is designed for the temporary rental or loan of a substitute replacement vehicle to service customers or body shop customers. This rental car agreement may be used for both charged rentals or no-charge loaner vehicles.

Our price: $28.50

Repair Order Hand-Write Generic

These generic hand-write Repair Orders highlight specific repair cost from the service department. Detailed labor and material cost are on the back of the repair order. The repair authorization and terms and conditions are printed in red ink. The parts cost tears off on part 2 so customer does not see the parts cost.

Our price: $30.00

Repair Order Holder Racks

Repair Order Racks: Keep your service department organized and running smoothly with these 12 or 18 Pocket Repair Order Racks.

Our price: $140.25

Repair Order Holder Sleeves - 74series

Repair Order Holders: With 3 styles to choose from, these reusable sturdy sewn cloth and plastic repair order holders will keep your work orders clean, neat and organized throughout the job.

Our price: $50.00

Repair Order Jackets

Repair Order Jackets: These file folders are use by Auto Body Shops and Collision Services Companies. They're available in low quantities of 100 and up! These folders for auto body shops are printed on 100# paper stock and designed to be compatible with Collision Services' EasyTrac® system.

Our price: $33.50

Reusable Seat Cover - CAATS

This Reusable Seat Cover - CAATS is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic seat covers. These covers are made from reusable, recyclable, non-woven polypropylene which reduces waste and landfill. They are non-porus, resist chemicals, are completely re-usable and can be cleaned after use. They are available in Blue only

Our price: $8.27

Rollable Key Case

This Rollable Auto Key Case is perfect for smaller used car sales lots. Designed to simply roll-up, its compact size and portability make it very convenient to take home each night or store in a secure location after closing. Includes grommets at the top so it can be hung-up during the work day for quick access. Safety hooks firmly secure each key so one never gets lost. 

Our price: $51.75

Route Sheets

The convenient size of this route sheet makes these the easiest to use route sheets available. Produced on extra heavy 100 lb. white paper stock, these route sheets will stand up to heavy use and keep their shape.

Our price: $36.45

Rubber Car and Truck Floor Mats

Rubber Floor Mats are great for use in used truck sales. Include these mats in your dealership's get-ready detailing routine when preparing a vehicle for sale to be sure your custom's first impression is the best possible.

Our price: $21.30

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