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Job Time Tickets
Daily Time and Job Tickets - also commonly referred to as job time tickets, mechanics time sheets, flag sheets or stub sheets for auto dealers. This job time tickets is used mostly in import car dealerships. No need to lick & stick, these time tickets are pressure sensitive to stick without moisture. Which means no more time tickets falling off hard copies and getting lost.
Our price: $81.50

Jumbo Hold-Sold Mirror Hang-Tags

These Jumbo Hold and Sold Mirror Hang-Tags have "Hold" on one side, "Sold" on the other, these rear-view mirror hang tags for auto dealers are bright yellow with red printing on durable heavy weight paper stock.

Our price: $18.90

Jumbo Self-Locking Vinyl Key Tags

This Jumbo Self-Locking Vinyl Key Tags are easy way to keep customer keys organized. The larger size makes them easier to use by giving you more room to write. Made of vinyl, they are waterproof and will not tear or smear. The arrow shape tip allows them to self-lock insuring your customer's keys stay securely attached. Available in White or Yellow, you can mix colors for quantity price discounts. 

Our price: $24.15

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