Repair Order Racks, Job Ticket and Work Order Holders

Using a repair order rack system will improve workflow, repair order processing, parts order tracking and time card-job ticket management in both an auto dealership's service and parts departments. Repair order racks are designed to keep all paperwork clearly visible, organized and retrievable by all department staff.

In an auto dealership service department, repair shop or auto body shop that has an efficient paperwork system, each technician has their own assigned repair order rack located in his work station. The technician’s repair order rack should be placed in his service bay in a location that the service advisor has easy access to it in case he needs to look-up a job ticket. In the service advisors work area, there should be a repair order rack for each category of the workflow process - such as: parts on order, customer authorization required, estimates, sublet and ready for pick-up/work completed.

When a new repair job arrives in your shop, the service advisor should place the repair order in the repair order rack of the technician selected for the job. After the technician has completed his inspection, the repair order is returned to the service advisor and placed in repair order rack that describes it's category in the workflow system described above. The paperwork is then moved to each labeled repair order rack indicating its workflow status until completion. It’s then moved to the accounting department for business processing.

These repair order racks, sometimes called a work order holder, are made of high quality, heavy-duty steel to withstand many years of daily use; Estampe has four different repair order rack configurations to choose from.



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Repair Order Holder Racks - 12 & 18 Pockets

Repair Order Racks: Keep your service department organized and running smoothly with these 12 or 18 Pocket Repair Order Racks.

Our price: $81.00

Work Order Carousel Racks - 36 & 54 Pockets

Work Order Carousel Racks: Keep your service department organized and running smoothly with these 36 or 54 pocket work order carousel racks.

Our price: $338.00

Job Ticket Racks - Time Cards

Job Ticket Racks: Keep your job tickets and time cards organized with these 25 pocket Job Ticket Racks. With these Job Ticket Racks all your daily time and job tickets will remain quick and easy to find, neat and properly organized.

Our price: $44.00

Repair Order Holders

Repair Order Holders: With 3 styles to choose from, these reusable sturdy sewn cloth and plastic repair order holders will keep your work orders clean, neat and organized throughout the job.

Our price: $50.00

Auto Service Ticket Holders

These Neon Stitched Automotive Service Ticket Holders are a great way to organize your work orders. Organize by department, team or any way you choose. 

Our price: $14.10

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