Buy Here Pay Here Supplies for Auto Dealerships

New and used automotive dealerships that offer buy here pay here financing must carefully consider how introducing buy here pay here financing into their business plan effects every aspect of their dealership.

Estampe Automotive Dealership Supplies has auto dealership advertising and custom forms for new or used auto dealers who offer buy here pay here financing.

Dealerships that offer buy here pay here financing provide a great service to customers, especially to people who are credit impaired. Buy here pay here financing allows people who've been turned down for traditional loans to acquire essential transportation and at the same time have affordable monthly payments. But buy here pay here financing changes almost every aspect of the dealership’s traditional relationship with the customer - from how it does auto dealership advertising to how it manages its accounting process, paperwork and contacts.

Buy here pay here financing requires your dealership to learn new accounting procedure that insure all your records are kept up-to-date and legally compliant. For example, the new or used automotive dealership must have its own credit application, contracts related to the extension of credit, a legally accurate installment sales agreement as well as accounting procedures and business forms to properly keep records of the debt collection process. Buy here pay here financing means that properly closing sales, handling trade-ins and tracking collections all become more complex.

Along with buy here pay here auto dealership advertising supplies, Estampe Automotive Dealership Supplies has accounting forms and supplies to help with the increased paperwork complexities of buy here pay here financing.

We also specialize in custom forms for auto dealers such as auto bill of sale, installment sales agreements and deal jackets that you’ll need for your buy here pay here financing accounting procedures, agreements and contracts. Please call 1-866-348-6414 for custom quotes.



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Under-The-Hood Signs

Our weather resistant 5 mm coroplast Under-The-Hood Signs can be used to promote your dealership's sales lot even in areas with strict sign ordinances. Individual letters (A-Z) are also available. These automotive sales signs are flexible and designed to be wedged under any hood.

Our price: $30.50
Market price: $36.00 save 15%

Swooper Flags

These Swooper Flags can be individually purchased as a new swooper flag or as a replacement for worn-out flags. Swooper flag hardward is sold separately. This swooper flag works with the Wheel Base, Water/Sand Base, Ground Spike, 4 pc Pole Set, and Scratch Guard. They have the same sewn sleeve to slip easily over the specially designed flag pole. Each swooper flag is 2 feet 5 1/2 inches wide x 11 feet 5 3/4 inches tall and made of durable polyester.

Our price: $23.50

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