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Balloon String

Quality balloon string for car dealership balloons . Our balloon string is made of 4 ply cotton which is the best choice for keeping the balloons flying high on your sales lot.

Our price: $18.50

Battery Chargers

These Clore Automotive Battery Chargers can fulfill a wide range of car battery needs from fast charging and battery repair to powerful jump starting. With the ability to properly charge virtually any lead acid battery type, these are the only chargers you will need.



Our price: $83.75

Blank Addendum Stickers - Adhesive

These Blank Addendum Stickers are plain stock, 1-part, and self-adhesive on all 4 sides. The stickers are made of heavy white stock, laser compatible, fade resistant, and available in three sizes.

Our price: $23.00

Blank Labels for Zebra Print System

These Oil Change Reminder Labels for the Zebra Printer are the most economical available. Plus! ...they're 100% compatible with the Reynolds and Reynolds® and Colonial Systems®. Of course, these oil change reminders also work perfectly with Estampe's Oil Change Sticker Printing System (or any other compatible system). You can choose from Blank White or Blank Clear and the static cling design or the labels produced with a light adhesive and you can choose from two sizes - 2-1/4" x 1-1/2" or 2-5/8" x 1-7/8", depending on which size is programmed for your machine. 

Our price: $42.00

Blank Stock Business Checks

Save money by printing your own checks on these high quality and very secure Blank Stock Business Checks. We offer 9 different layouts and three different colors - dark blue, green and burgundy. 

Our price: $36.45

Buyers Guide - File Copy - As Is

The Buyers Guide Form - As Is - No Warranty File Copy is used by the FTC for used cards and this form is for your records: This is the most popular FTC Used Car Buyers Guide Form car window sticker used today - approved in 40 states. This form has no tape/adhesive. 


Our price: $11.83

Buyers Guide - File Copy - Implied Warranty
The Buyers Guide - File Copy - Implied Warranty form is a file copy for your records. This is the most popular FTC Used Car Buyers Guide form and is approved in 40 states. This form has no tape/adhesive.  
Our price: $11.83

Buyers Guide Forms Spanish Version

Spanish Version Buyers Guide Forms: Approved in 40 states, this 2-part Spanish Version Buyers Guide Form is available in quantities of 100 and up and complies with all requirements. It comes with 2 position permanent adhesive tape top & bottom in order to be attached to the vehicle's windshield just as the classic BG-1985 English version does.

Our price: $14.85

Buyers Guide Hangers & Holders

These Buyers Guide Hangers & Holders are easy to use and great for making test-drives easier to arrange and safer for your customer. They come in three options:

  • Clip-on Window Form Holder 
  • Holder Pouch Kits 
  • Static Cling Holder/Sheet 
Our price: $30.00

Buyers Guide Implied Warranty

Buyers Guide-Implied Warranty Form style used by auto dealers. This buyers guide form has permanent adhesive tape on the top and bottom allowing them to be attached to windshields. They're printed in black ink with grey back printing.

Our price: $13.00

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