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Cash Receipt Books

These Cash Receipt Books are NCR (no carbon required) and coil-bound with 200 sets per book.  They are available in 2-part, 3-part or 4-part.  The metal coil-binding allows our cash receipt books to always lay flat regardless of what page you are writing on from the first page to the last page.  COMPARE PRICING: Great American Automotive Products charges 55% MORE (3 books @ $107.25 - BFA138-3) for it's 3-part receipt books.


Our price: $16.95

Cash Receipts Books - Automated 3-part

These carbonless Automated Cash Receipts Books are coil-bound with 200 3-part sets per book.  The metal coil-binding allows these cash receipts books to always lay flat regardless of what page you are writing on from the first page to the last page.  COMPARE PRICING: Great American Automotive Products charges 20 Books @ $552.00 - BFA139-3C for it's 3-Part Automated Receipts Books.

Our price: $19.60

Deal Recap Forms

If the Deal Recap Forms you currently use looks like this one, then it's compatible with your dealer management software systems. This is a 2-part carbonless form designed for computer or typewriter spacing. This deal recap form provides a complete breakdown of the entire deal. It includes a quick check list of items to be sure your documentation is complete; such as Truth in Lending, Appraisal, Odometer Statement, Insurance, etc. From selling price to gross profit all amounts are shown including: Trade Allowance, Payoff, Cash Deposit, Finance Reserve, Insurance, Service Contract, and all commissions paid on the deal.

Our price: $14.61

Deal Jackets

Vehicle Deal Jackets - standard pre-printed style for vehicle deal paperwork at great pricing. Available in Buff, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, White, Lavender, Salmon, Fuchsia, Gray and Yellow colors.

Our price: $27.00

3-in-1 Deal Envelope

This 3-in-1 Vehicle Deal Jacket is a classic design used for years by thousands of small to mid-size automotive dealerships. A very popular Deal Jacket, it allows you to 1) add the vehicle to inventory 2) document reconditioning costs 3) and keep track of all billing information included in the final sales cost. 

Our price: $27.50

Color Top Deal Jacket Envelopes

This is a newer version of the detailed 3 in 1 Deal Envelope. We offer them in printed or plain. 

Our price: $25.00

Auto Dealer Privacy Notice Form

This Auto Dealer Privacy Notice Form ensures you are in compliance with all the latest requirements. You are required to provide a privacy notice to every customer concerning their non-public personal information obtained by you in a financial transaction. This form provides you with a simple and easy way to comply with these requirements. This form is very easy to use and provides the popular Opt-Out option for your customers. 

Our price: $13.35

Automotive Internal Authorization Book

Make sure your sales and service departments remain efficient and organized by using these Automotive Internal Authorization Books. These books will save your dealership time and money by documenting all communications between your Sales Department and the Get-Ready-Department. Using these Internal Authorization Books will also help improve customer satisfaction.

Our price: $17.75

Four Square Form/Customer Proposal

This Four Square Form/Customer Proposal provides an easy framework for negotiating a contract. 

Our price: $9.19

Test Drive Agreement Form

The Test Drive Agreement Form is a great way to help protect you from damage or theft. 

Our price: $12.94

Used Vehicle Order Books

These Used Vehicle Order Books may be used as a worksheet or for a final sales agreement. 

Our price: $11.60